About The Fiber Project

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Currently, I’m living in a tiny cottage with my two cats in the outskirts of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We share the house with two giant looms. My beloved Glimakra and my workhouse (used to be compu-dobby) AVL.

The cats and I love hanging outside in the garden. They enjoy rolling around in the catnip while I tend to my flowers. For the last couple of years I have been part of various community gardens where I grow fiber and dye plants. These are the same plants that I use to spin and dye yarn that I weave into textiles.

I established The Fiber Project in 2015 with the mission to create and teach people about traditional ways of textile production. It is very satisfying to hold woven cloth in my hands that came from a seed I planted in the ground. Lots of love and labor goes into each product created and it is my hope that you feel great satisfaction in your purchase.

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